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Garage Door Service in Ridgefield, CT

Garage Door Repair of Ridgefield offers full-service options for your garage door. Our team is eager to resolve your issue. We’re happy to help out our neighbors here in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

You Can Extend the Life of Your Door

The major parts of your garage door system are built to last about 20 years with average use. However, in order to get this much use out of your door, it’s important that you take care of it. Proper maintenance only takes a few minutes of your time and can cut down on those unexpected repairs. Here are some ways you can ensure your door is in top-notch shape:
  • Periodically lubricate all the mechanical parts such as springs, opener chain, hinges, and roller bearings
  • Wipe out the tracks and sensor eyes as needed
  • Make sure there’s nothing in the way of your door each time you close it
  • Call us right away if you notice loud grinding noises
  • Make sure you schedule a professional tune-up once a year
A neglected door will only last about 10 years. You can see how proper maintenance will save you frustration and money since your door will be working reliably.

Add Value to Your Home

One of the first things others notice about a home is the garage door. Upgrading the door is a simple way to give your home curb appeal and add value. We’re authorized dealers for some of the biggest garage door brands in the industry.

How to Pick Out A New Door

You might be overwhelmed with all of the options when it comes to picking out a new door. That’s why we recommend you start by deciding which style will fit your home. We offer doors in 3 main types of styles:
  • Traditional: These steel doors are the most popular choice for homebuilders. They come with either long or short raised panels and their simple design goes with the architecture of any home
  • Contemporary: These are made from aluminum and come with either glass panels or close panels. They add that perfect modern touch to your home
  • Carriage house: These are typically made from steel but provide that authentic wooden carriage house look. They are becoming the most popular choice as the rustic, farmhouse look is in style
Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist you over the phone and go through these options with you. We want to make sure you get the right door for your home!

We Can Install Your New Door

After you order your new door we can bring it out and professionally install it. We have all the right tools and expertise to make sure it’s done right. We’ll also test your new system once we’re done to make sure all the parts are working together correctly.

Chat with Us Today

Garage Door Repair of Ridgefield is standing by to provide you with reliable garage door service. Our team is happy to serve you here in Ridgefield, Connecticut! Call us today to schedule your garage door service.

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